Queens NY Water Damage Repair

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Water Damage Repair Queens NY

When a water pipe breaks or toilet overflows in your home or business, carpets are saturated quickly, leading to mold growth and mildew odor. Our water damage repair Queens, NY. experts are ready with service vans filled with equipment that is designed to remove water and moisture from your house quickly and efficiently. Restoring a building to its previous conditions is a specialized skill that requires using professional water repair methods by our technicians to restore your house and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Dirty water from pipes or rainfall can carry pathogens such as bacteria that soak into carpets, padding and underlying tile, creating a potentially unhealthy environment for a building’s occupants. Green Choice Carpet of Queens NY technicians will begin right away to stop water from entering wall spaces where the moisture destroys insulation and electrical wiring and is a fertile breeding group for bacteria.

Providing Off-Site Cleaning

We have technicians who can arrive quickly at you home to assess the flooding problems and to provide a free quote for removing standing water, water damaged rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture. Instead of waiting a few days for an appointment, our company recommends immediate action when there is water on surfaces to avoid needing to replace items destroyed by massive amounts of moisture. While suctioning moisture from water soaked items in your business or home, this is also a good time to have sanitizing and stain removal services. Our water damage repair Queens, N.Y. technicians bring industrial-strength extraction machines to remove moisture from wall-to-wall carpets but are ready to transport rugs and furniture to an off-site location for water damage restoration treatment.

Our Green Cleaning Technology Will Remove Water Damage and Kill Bacteria

Our business uses modern green technology with environmentally tested detergents and stain remover chemicals. After technicians seal off undamaged areas of a building to prevent additional contamination, they install fans to circulate air to improve its quality and dry surfaces. The knowledgeable technicians lift the edges of wall-to-wall carpets to suction water with extraction machines before shampooing the fibers to remove debris. We apply sanitizers and deodorizers to floor tile and fiber items to destroy mold spores along with preventing mildew odors. With specialized tools, technicians can also suction moisture from upholstered couches and chairs to ensure a building is spotless before leaving.

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Floods in buildings occur for a variety of reasons such as frozen pipes or natural disasters. Whatever the cause of flooding in your business or home, contacting Green Choice Carpet of Queens NY as fast as possible is necessary to avoid additional property damage from water.

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