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Your Local Queens NY Rug Cleaning: Your home truly is your castle.

It is where you spend a great portion of your life raising a family, entertaining guests, and at the end of a long day.

At Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Queens NY, we understand that you want the rugs in your home to be clean, look good, and smell pleasant too.

After all, your area rugs are an investment and one that you hope will last for many years.

We take pride in our ability to offer the finest rug cleaning in Queens, NY and to our neighboring communities.

Exclusive 5 Step Area Rug Cleaning Process NYC

Anyone would wish to have his or her rug sparkling despite receiving many visitors.

However, one can only make his or her rug to be flawless by choosing the dependable Persian rug cleaning company This company will help you in maintaining the appearance and the health of one’s rug.

Depending on the number of visitors that use a Persian carpet, it is advisable to clean the rugs on a regular basis so that they remain glamorous.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning prides of giving its clients the best through the use of specialized rug cleaning techniques and tools.

Green Choice cleaning company does not use toxic chemicals to clean the Persian rugs.

This is so because the chemicals are likely to damage the fibers.

Therefore, this company has resorted to the use of natural detergents for desirable results.

Green Choice cleaning company has specialized 5 step Persian area rug cleaning process in NYC for the deep cleaning of rugs without causing damage to them.

5 Step Persian Area Rug Cleaning Process

The initial step that we undertake during the cleaning process involves inspection of Persian rugs.

The areas of interest in the rugs are thoroughly inspected irrespective of their size or shape.

The areas that are weak or damaged are given due care during the cleaning process.

Color loss is also checked for 24 hours before cleaning starts. The second process involves dusting.

This process is done using an air compressor.

This compressor is of high power and is used to remove all the dirt before the washing begins. After dusting, washing begins.

This is done by hand or a mil rug machine.

All the products that are used in washing are natural.

However, stained rugs must be socked for at least 24 hours.

Rinsing is done twice after the washing.

However, rugs that are washed using mills are rinsed by jets.

After rinsing, the rugs are dried overnight at a suitable controlled temperatures which is about 65 -85 degrees. Dehumidifiers and fans are also turned on to help speed up the drying process.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Green Choice

It is affordable for one to have his or her rugs cleaned by Green Choice.

This is so because there are no hidden charges.

The company also offers convenient appointments and is fully operational.

Moreover, the staffs are highly skilled, courteous, dedicated, and certified.

Free Pick-Up/Delivery For Wool Area Rug Cleaning Queens NY

Professional Rug Cleaning.

Stains and dirt happen to your rugs no matter how hard you try to keep them clean.

Maybe the kids and their new puppy had great fun out in the yard, but when they track mud across your living room carpet, your own efforts to clean out the mess can leave stains that just become embedded deeply into the rug fibers.

Our technicians are fully trained in the use of green cleaning technology for rugs.

We have the products and capabilities to remove stains, dirt, and odors through the latest advances in Eco-friendly extraction processes.

The standard we live by is to offer our customers only environmentally safe cleaning methods, and we stay constantly aware of the latest industry advances.

Eco-friendly Area Rug Cleaning.

Area rugs are set apart from wall-to-wall carpeting, and people often use them in high traffic areas of the home.

Your rug may be a beautiful focal point in your bedroom or foyer.

However you use area rugs, you want them to be bright, clean, and add beauty to your home, but rugs are naturally susceptible to dirt and stains.

Green Choice Carpet of Queens NY uses the latest equipment and Eco-friendly products to professionally clean your area rugs.

We are pleased to offer our customers a free pick-up and delivery for area rugs.

The technicians at our local rug cleaning facility use advanced green technology to accomplish superior rug cleaning services in Queens.

If you are in  rush to clean your rug or just want to freshen it up, we can even clean the rug in your home.

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Green Choice cleaned my apartment in Queens the other day and I wanted to thank you, you did an amazing job. The air in my apartment changed, everything is clean and it looks great. The technician were also great and I will recommend you to all my neighbors!

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