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carpet cleaning near me

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Is it alright to hire just any sofa cleaning company? A sofa is a very essential part of the living room. It’s where you curl up after a long day’s work or hurry up to sit onto after a long jog at the park.
It’s where you let your best friends hang out while you fix them something to eat in the kitchen.
Not everyone understands this, though. When you want your sofa or couch cleaned, you should choose a company with a good reputation for prices and service.
If a company cleans your sofa incorrectly, it could be damaged and you will need to find a new done.

So, the question is stands – who can you trust?

Is Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Highly Rated?

It is no secret that the internet can provide you with everything that you need to know.

Even customer ratings of sofa cleaners can be found on the web.

But can you trust these ratings? How can you be so sure that they weren’t made by the cleaners themselves?

It is also not a secret that word of mouth is more trusted beyond the scope of television, radio or the internet.

What they can offer are mere ads but when you ask a trusted friend or a neighbor with the question: “who do you trust for sofa cleaning?” – Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will be their answer.

What are the Services Offered?

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is the talk of the town when it comes to sofa cleaning. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. We provide a different level of quality.

We are staffed with licensed cleaning specialists who have undergone intensive training.

They are also geared with years of experience so you don’t have to worry about first timers ruining your sofa.

2. Time will always be on your side. Our team makes an effort to deliver right on schedule.

We don’t want to be the reason for your coming in late for work or missing out a few hours on your kid’s soccer practice.

We will be there on the dot for our appointment and delivery.

3. Even if we’re highly rated – we are not highly priced.

Even if Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is one of the trusted names in sofa cleaning NYC and the general cleaning industry, the prices and quotations that we offer will fit your household budget.

Contrary to what other people may think, we don’t charge much compared to other competitors in the field.

Be One of the Many to Rate Green Choice Carpet Cleaning

We stand by our name and our rating. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is not trusted by hundreds of families out there for nothing.

They trust us, because we care.

QUEENS carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning near me
Serving the community for 26 years

Our Carpet Cleaning in Queens NY

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning Queens NY has offered our service for carpet and rug cleaning in Queens NY for more than 20 years.

We are in the business of creating lasting relationships with our customers.

Using only Eco-friendly, green cleaning methods, we offer free on-site consultations and a free rug pickup and drop-off, saving you time and money.

Local Service. Handle All Jobs, Large & Small. Call In Queens NY Today.
Attentive & compassionate · Trained, equipped & ready · We dry & clean everything · Effective solutions,Satisfaction Guaranteed · Monthly Online Specials · No Hidden Pricing · 2-Step Cleaning Process


QUEENS carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning near me
professional carpet cleaning in queens NY

Our Service is Easy to Use and Gives You Outstanding Cleaning Results

Providing professional in-home carpet cleaning to residents of Queens, NY is what we do.

Why do you need professional cleaning? Because the quality of cleaning and lasting impact from DIY methods cannot match what one of our professional carpet cleaners can provide.

Our carpet cleaning products are completely non-toxic to humans and pets, and are at the cutting edge of green cleaning technology.

One of our technicians will be happy to visit your home and provide you with a free rate quote.

Even tougher jobs like heavy stain and odor removal are well within the reach of our industry-leading methods.

There’s nothing like a freshly cleaned carpet to liven up your home.

Even light-colored carpets will look like the day they were installed after cleaning and spot removal by one of our technicians.

Since our business has been able to survive so long thanks to repeat customers just like you, we make sure each and every one of our clients is satisfied before we even think to charge for a job well done.

Our Service for Rug Cleaning in Queens NY

Do you have fine Oriental rugs or other area rugs you’d like cleaned? One of our technicians would be happy to stop by for free inspection and cleaning quote.

We’re so confident we can serve our rug cleaning customers quickly that we offer complete rug cleaning services in Queens with a fast turnaround, including free pickup and delivery.

We do not outsource our rug cleaning work, but we do all cleaning services at our own factory right here in New York City.

By keeping rug cleaning work in-house, we can guarantee that our work will live up to our and our customers’ exacting standards each and every time.

Like our carpet cleaning services, our rug cleaning plant uses only the latest in green, Eco-friendly technology.

Our cleaning agents will not harm your family or your pets, nor will they be returned to you with any kind of musty odor.

Even in homes and apartments where smokers reside, we can return your rug to you in a timely fashion with complete spot and odor removal every time.

Give Green Choice Carpet of Queens NY a call today to schedule a free consultation for all your Queens, NY carpet and rug cleaning needs.

Customer testimonials are available, and we look forward to your business.

3 Responses
  1. Claudia

    Hello Green Choice carpet cleaning queens , I live in Jackson Heights queens NY and I want to know how much you charge for a sectional sofa to be cleaned? It’s a large microfiber sofa with a few stains that need some attention. I friend of mine recommended you guys as an excellent cleaning company with reasonable prices so please let me know if you can come to Jackson Heights next week and take care of the sofa.

    1. GreenChoiceCarpet

      we can definitely do this job for you,in regarding to a sofa cleaning we definitely need to send a licensed technician to give you free estimate

  2. Rebecca Martin

    Hi there, I have 3 small inexpensive rugs to clean, I’m looking for a company to pick them up and clean them off site.
    What’s your price range and what’s you availability in Ridgewood Queens? How long does it take to have them back?
    I have a few pet stains and the rugs are dusty so I need a nice deep cleaning. Do you also offer padding?

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